Book Review: Comfort For Troubled Christians

Review by Brenda Johnson Padgitt

Comfort For Troubled Christians by J.C. Brumfield

Comfort For Troubled Christians0001“Comfort For Troubled Christians” by J.C. Brumfield is a small but powerful book that is a must read during trials and tribulations.  Although small enough to fit in the palms of your hands, this 64 page book is packed with helpful information.  

In the Foreword of the book, Brumfield says that God’s Children can be joyous and victorious even in the midst of the fire of trial and suffering.  He further states that in sickness and poverty, persecution and trial, abuse and betrayal, heartache and disappointment, God’s child can have a perfect peace that passes all human understanding.  He boldly dedicates this book to saints in affliction.

In Brumfield’s “Comfort For Troubled Christians,” he uses water and fire to paint a picture of God’s hand at work in our lives.  Brumfield points out that water and fire are a necessity for mankind.  He also states that water and fire can also be man’s worst enemy.  Read More…


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