TYS Workbook

The Young Scholar’s Workbook: Book I Vol. I is a fundraiser publication for The Young Scholar’s Book Club. 50% of the proceeds go to help keep mentoring and tutoring services free to students.  The workbook is composed of over 100 worksheet activities for Pre-K through 4th grade.

This workbook mirrors The Young Scholar’s Book Club Educational Program for Pre-K through 4th grade.  Some lessons are aligned with the Texas Essentials Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum.

The workbook is divided into two sections.  Section I includes Language Arts, Reading,Math, Social Studies and Science activities for Pre-K to Kindergarten.  Section II includes Language Arts, Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Writing activities for 1st through 4th grade.

     A table of contents is provided in Section I and Section II.  The page labeled “How To Use This Workbook” is before Section I. The directions prepare the user of this workbook for each activity.   Directions are also listed for parents, guardians and educators. The activities are educational, fun and challenging.

     The author strives to educate, encourage, and enlighten the “Young Scholar” through the information presented in this workbook. The Young Scholar’s Book Club Educational Program runs from August to May each year.  In June and July, members are involved in workshops and other activities.  The educational program can be accessed on the internet at www.tysbookclub.org

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