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Pass The Salt Please! by Brenda Diann Johnson

On May 15, 2014 Brenda Diann Johnson and ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC  will release her latest book “Pass The Salt Please! Seasoned Believers Add Flavor To Your Life.”  Johnson’s new book is a guide for new Christians who want to grow to Spiritual Maturity.   Pass The Salt Please! Seasoned Believers Add Flavor To Your Life will encourage, inspire and motivate you to learn from Seasoned Believers.  They help mentor and mold young believers into mature christians.  You will learn to identify those who have a positive impact on your life.  Believers are the salt of the earth and light of the world according to Matthew 5:13-14.  As you continue to grow spiritually under mature and positive mentors you will also say “Pass The Salt Please!” 

     Brenda has also written “How Did I Get Into This Mess? You Compromised, Saith the Lord” 2nd Edition, “My Baby Sister,” which is a children’s fiction book about sibling rivalry.   “The Young Scholar’s Workbook: Book I, Vol. I,” and “Articles for Personal Growth and Development.”

     For more information about Brenda Diann Johnson , her books, writing classes and services you can visit www.brendadiannjohnson.com or e-mail her at: brendadiannjohnson@yahoo.com.

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“Make a Difference……Teach?”

Foreword on page vii

The Young Scholar’s Workbook:

Book I Vol. I  by

Brenda Padgitt

When I read the motto, “Make a Difference…Teach?”  I immediately see a question proposed by the motto.  When I look at the motto more closely, I notice that it is two-fold.  It makes a bold statement to make a difference and it proposes a question to the reader. 

     First, the motto is meant to encourage and boldly challenge the reader to make a difference in the world.  Second, the motto proposes the question, Teach?  Is teaching the answer to making a difference in the world?

    I believe the statement and question proposed in the motto is thought provoking.  In fact, in order to make a difference in the world, we must continue to educate.  We specifically need to educate those who have influence and those who will have influence on how our nation operates. 

     Those who have influence on our nation today are our federal, state, and city leaders.  These leaders run our nation.  They have been trained and educated by teachers in the past to help validate their job credentials. 

     We rely on our leaders to do a good job and to be knowledgeable in making the right decisions for the country as a whole. 

     It is in the best interest of the nation for our leaders to continue educating themselves throughout their careers.  Many enroll in continuing education courses to gain new knowledge and to stay up to date on current issues.  Some leaders rely on advisors to help them stay abreast on current issues and new information. 

     In our formal educational institutions teachers will always play a role in educating those who lead our nation.  Informal education is also a benefit.  Leaders must do their own research and personal study to make educated decisions when it comes to our nation.                      

    Teachers help shape our nation by educating and preparing our children for the future.  Our children are educated in our public and private school systems.  They will also be educated in our formal educational institutions beyond high school. 

     In order for our children to make a difference in our nation, they need to be educated and prepared by individuals, who will boldly accept the challenge. 

     Teachers are responsible for staying up to date in subjects like Science and Technology, History, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Language Arts, and other subjects as well.  Knowledge imparted to children through good teachers will have a positive and powerful impact on our nation in the future. 

    Teachers not only play a role in formally educating our children but they also educate our children informally.  Teachers have a lot to do with shaping our children’s attitudes and beliefs about our nation and the society we live in.  From Pre-K through college, attitudes and beliefs are being shaped. 

     Teachers educate and train children about our nation’s past mistakes, present, and mistakes that will be made if the same actions are repeated.  Teachers help children analyze and think through problems.  They also help encourage children to come up with solutions to problems.  Teachers are valuable to our nation.  It is because of teachers that our children will know how to fully play out their future roles in society.

     For more information on Brenda, her books, writing classes and services visit: www.brendapadgitt.com

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ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Scholarship Program

ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Scholarship Program officially launched on August 1, 2012 for high school students who want to earn money for college, books and tuition.  The scholarship program is for high school students 9th to 12th grade.  Students will learn work ethics, integrity, leadership and scholarship while earning money for their individual scholarship accounts.  Students make money by selling the ASWIFTT JR. Writer’s Guild Anthology which is a publication that showcases each participant’s Literary, Visual or Performing Arts piece.  Students are awarded scholarship money upon high school graduation.  Applications are available now for the 2012-2013 school year.  

For more information call ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Scholarship Committee at 1-866-302-0508 ext. 3030 or apply online at:  www.aswifttwritersguild.com.  

You can also write us to request application at:

ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild

P.O. Box 380669

Duncanville, Texas 75138

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