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A Mother’s Pride On Mother’s Day

Brenda Johnson Padgitt38 (3)This weekend I can’t help but reflect on my accomplishments as a mother. The two accomplishments I am most proud of are my two daughters Diamond and Kamille. They give me the inspiration I need to do my best in all that God gives my hands to do. It hasn’t always been easy rearing two girls as a single mom. There were often times of rebellion, ungratefulness, and disobedience from the dynamic duo, but what kids don’t try their parents. It is all apart of growing up and them finding their way. As a mother I have lead the way and provided the best examples that I could. On this mother’s day I am feeling blessed because I see the fruits of my labor in my kids.

     My proudest moment with my oldest child, Diamond was seeing her graduate from high school. IDiamond graduation2 was so thankful that her dad and I got her to the finish line of public school. She has become an adult and is making her own decisions. The hardest thing was for me to get out the way and let her learn on her own. I was so used to guiding her while holding her hand to prevent her from falling. As mothers we do this when they are toddlers beginning to walk. I will never stop being a mother, giving advice, and helping to make sense of things when she has her own kids.

Kamille Debate TeamMy proudest moment so far with my youngest child, Kamille was this weekend. On Saturday, Kamille won 1st place out of 20 Dallas ISD students selected from various schools for her performance in the Beginner Debate Team category. The debate tournaments are sponsored by the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance. Kamille is a very smart and intelligent young lady. She has always been good at presenting her case with me to stay out of trouble. She often tries to debate her way out of punishments when I lay down the law. I couldn’t help but cry at her awards ceremony when they announced that Kamille won 1st place. Wow!, this child is really good at debating any issue. I felt so proud as a mother, knowing I have done something right with both of my children. 

     Mothers don’t ever give up on your children. Happy Mother’s Day!



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