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Receive a copy of “The Young Scholar’s Workbook” by Brenda Johnson Padgitt for $9.95 until September 20, 2012.  Regular price is $19.95.  The Young Scholar’s Workbook: Book I Vol. I has over 100 workbook activities for Pre-K to 4th grade.  The workbook includes all core subjects such as Language Arts, Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science and Writing. 

     The Workbook is divided into two sections.  Pre-K to Kindergarten and 1st to 4th grade.  Answer Keys are included at the end of each section.  The workbook curriculum is taken from The Young Scholar’s Book Club FREE Online Educational Program. 

     The Young Scholar’s Book Club is a non-profit organization founded by Brenda Johnson Padgitt in 2011.   Ms. Padgitt’s vision is to help elementary students Pre-K through 4th grade read more, increase in their vocabulary, learn how to analyze and critique what they have read and have fun in the process of learning. 

     Ms. Padgitt hopes to give any student around the world who joins “The Young Scholar’s Book Club,” encouragement, the tools to do better on assignments in school, a broader vocabulary, a love for reading and exploring new information in books. 

     The program offers reading enrichment, tutoring assignments, vocabulary building skills, analytical and critical thinking skills and a whole lot more. 

      The Young Scholar’s Book Club can be accessed at:


     You must order directly from ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC to receive sales promotion.  Workbooks will be on sale for $9.95 until September 20, 2012.   Call 1-800-775-2708 ext. 3030 or ORDER ONLINE



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The Gettysburg Address

Workbook Activity page 166

The Young Scholar’s Workbook:

Book I Vol I  by

Brenda Padgitt

The Gettysburg Address

Materials needed for this lesson:  Book: The Gettysburg Address by Kenneth Richards.  You can obtain this book by purchasing it from your local bookstore or check it out at your local library.  You can also use the internet for this activity.

Directions: Read the book The Gettysburg Address by Kenneth Richards and answer the questions below. {TYS Social Studies 1st to 4th, 1  113.3(a)(4), 1 113.3(b)(1)(a), 1 113.3(b)(10)(11), 2 113.4(a)(4), 3 113.5(a)(4), 4 113.6(a)(4)}

1. Write a short definition of the  Gettysburg Address?

2. What was the major problem between the Northern and Southern States during the 1850’s?

3. In 1860, who was elected president of the United States?

4. Was this president democrat or republican?

For more information on Brenda, her books, writing classes and services visit:  www.brendapadgitt.com

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What Are Pronouns?

Activity Worksheet from page  139

The Young Scholar’s Workbook:

Book I Vol. I 

by Brenda Johnson Padgitt

What are Pronouns?  

Proper Nouns?

      A pronoun takes the place of a noun.  Examples of subject pronouns are: I, you, he, she, it, we, you, & they.  Subject pronouns replace nouns that follow the verb be.   Examples of object pronouns are me, you, her, him, it, us, you, & them.  Object pronouns replace nouns after action verbs or after to, for, with, in or at.

      Proper Nouns name a particular person, place or thing.  Proper nouns are also capitalized.  Examples are: Mrs. Dobbs, Atlantic Ocean, Red Sea, Pecan Street, Africa, St. Luke Apartments.

     Directions:  Replace the Proper Nouns in each sentence below with a pronoun.  Write a pronoun below the noun.  The first sentence is done for you. {TYS LA 1st to 4th, 1  110.3(a)(1)(4), 2  110.4(b)(3)(e), 2  110.4(a), 3  110.5(a)(4), 4  110.6(a)(4)}


Rebecca wants a bicycle for a present.


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