Seasoned Believers Come FORTH!

Life Lessons Kids Should Learn QuicklyFRTCVRNow that you have been delivered, set free from drugs, abuse, sexual addiction, murder, lying, cheating, stealing, gossiping, backbiting, racism, white or blue collar crimes, etc. and you have given your testimony how God saved you from the snare of Satan and has been good to you, “What About Our Children?”

     You learned how to wage and fight the invisible warfare that the enemy planned against you and came out victorious. What are you going to do with your testimony of VICTORY? Again, I ask “What About Our Children?”

     Our children are fighting an invisible fight everyday against anBrenda Johnson Padgitt38 (3) invisible enemy they are not equipped or experienced to fight. The enemy continues to come at them with tactics of drugs, abuse, illiteracy, high school dropouts, teen pregnancy, bullying, gangs, teen violence, guns, racism, promiscuity, AIDS, orphanhood, and children of divorced parents, sibling rivalry, broken parent and child relationships, fatherless and motherless children and more. But YOU know how to fight and win. YOU have proven it!

     Join me in getting our children back to the basics by following and teaching God’s principles for a victorious life. Become a mentor for kids, teens and young adults to help them navigate through the issues of life. Help them reach their God given DESTINY and become all that God has pre-ordained for their lives.

For His Kingdom,

Brenda Diann Johnson


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