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Time Management Is Always A Hot Topic Up For Discussion

Learning how to manage time on a daily basis is a challenge for many and seems to be easy for some. Time Management is when you get to choose how to spend your time. You plan every hour, minute and second of how, when and where you will divide 24 hours. You can also prioritize your time to make sure you accomplish your tasks. The things that are most important to you should have the highest ranking on your schedule.

     According to dictionary.com, time management is the analysis of how working hours are spent and the prioritization of tasks in order to maximize personal efficiency in the workplace. Wikipedia.com says time management is the act or process of exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase efficiency or productivity.

     The key to efficiency and productivity is making sure you use your time wisely. Making sure time does not slip away without a stamp of productivity and accomplishment. There are many ways to manage time and the key is to find what works best for you.

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Do You Immediately Repent And Ask God To Forgive You When You Sin?

Do you take ownership for your sins and mistakes?

When we take ownership of our sins it challenges us to evaluate our lives, our relationship with God and others. When we recognize we have sinned we need to be honest about the seriousness of our transgressions. We also need to correct the situation whenever possible. Turning away from the sins we have committed keeps us from further judgment. It also will save our very souls. Being honest about our sins and failures will help us to become more like Christ. This also helps us to work on our relationship with God.

     In our relationship with God we need to make sure we are in constant fellowship with Him. We should not have any other gods before Him because He is a jealous God. (Exodus 20:3-5) We need to make sure we are studying and doing what is in His word. If we are doing anything in our personal or business lives that is wrong, we need to get it right before God has to address it.

     Our relationships with others also need evaluation because God made every man in His image. God cares about the next person as much as He cares about us individually. We need to make sure that if we have sinned against someone or offended them that we get it right with them and God.

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About the Author:

     Brenda Diann Johnson is a mother, grandmother, author, publisher, educator, entrepreneur, radio host, speaker and above all a humble servant of God. She enjoys writing and spending time with her daughters, Diamond and Kamille and her grandson, Bryson. Ms. Johnson’s life mission is to use the creative talents God gave her in writing, teaching and speaking to not only have self-fulfillment but to also have an impact on the audience God has predestined for her. Brenda has also written “Pass the Salt Please! Seasoned Believers Add Flavor to Your Life.” For more information about Brenda, her books and services visit: http://www.brendadiannjohnson.com

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