My Writing Classes Are Now Available At B. P. Training Institute

B P Training Inst LogoDid you know that the online writing courses taught by Brenda Johnson Padgitt have transitioned and are now available at B. P. Training Institute. Brenda is an author who has written several books such as “How Did I Get Into This Mess? You Compromised, Saith the Lord,” “Pass The Salt Please! Seasoned Believers Add Flavor To Your Life,” and “The Young Scholar’s Workbook: Book I Vol. I” just to name a few. Her talent and gift of writing has not only resonated in her own books but she also uses her gift to teach and help others.

     Brenda is a teacher at heart. She teaches writing classes such as “The Basics Of The Basics of Writing Level I Book Cover LogoWriting: Level I,” “The Radio, T. V. and Newspaper Writer,” “Research, Research, and More Research,” and “The Creative Writer.” Brenda also teaches courses in Leadership & Development, Education, Insurance Pre-Licensing and Youth Workshops at B. P. Training Institute.

The Radio TV and Newspaper WriterB. P. Training Institute has become the main location for classes taught by Brenda Johnson Padgitt.  She is an educator who has taught and tutored students Pre-k to college.  Brenda has a B. A. degree in Broadcast Communications and is currently working on her Master’s of Education (M.Ed.)

     For more information on courses taught at B. P. Training Institute e-mail: or visit:

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