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Edwyna Washington An Exceptional Leader & Distinguished Scholar

Edwyna WashingtonI have discovered on my journey to fulfill my God-Given Destiny, God has placed valuable people in my life.  I also discovered they have a passion to help others as well.  Today I am thankful for Edwyna Washington. She is a distinguished scholar who is an expert in her field. She takes on challenges that no one else will and is courageous and bold enough to make a difference. She does not indulge in popularity or the opinions of others. Her concern is always to help and contribute to making our world a better place. Ms. Washington, is an educator who is certified in K to 12th grade, she is the founder and CEO of The Legacy Scholastic & Academic Preparatory School, a business woman, a reporter for Dallas News Examiner, a true and loyal friend, just to name a few.

     For sane, rational coverage and analysis on top news headlines, subscribe to Edwyna’s column at She has spent years studying and developing characters of students and clients. Business administration and sociology degrees and personal experiences led her to become founder of Custom Design Image, interpersonal development firm, in the 1990s when most of the country was in denial about issues shaping the characters of our next generation and setting the country’s direction, she wrote about it. (Washington, 2015)

     Please support Edwyna’s vision for our youth today. Her leadership in education through Scholarship Itemsteaching and news articles over the years has contributed to making our world a better place. She educates with excellence like no other. With her leadership of The Legacy Scholastic & Academic Preparatory School our kids will be challenged to become all that God has purposed for them in years to come. They will be equipped to lead our nation and will know how to access their critical thinking skills to make intelligent and sound decisions. 


Washington, E. (2015) Biography. The Dallas News Examiner. Retrieved August 13, 2015 from

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Gwen Green A Rare Jewel Among Us

emeraldsAs I continue to fulfill my God given Destiny, I often cross paths with people who are such a blessing.  I discovered they also have a passion to help others as well.  I am thankful for Gwendolyn Green who has a big heart and is diligent in the things God has given her to do.  I have enjoyed many of her radio programs.  I also had an opportunity to be a guest on her show last year in 2014.  I am thankful for the opportunity.  Gwendolyn Green is the author of The Mandate Fulfilled, “Bring God’s People Out of Debt”, a successful business owner, who help others start businesses, buy homes, and invest in real estate. The show talks to people about breaking free from debt, and becoming selfgwen green employed. The show also teaches listeners how to make money, what to do with it once they make it, and how to keep the money they make! The show address the importance of networking with others, budgeting, credit, and education. The show also introduce listeners to “The Infinite Wealth System” a program designed to bring people out of debt by using the power of real estate, networking, and education.  Tune into “The Source Of Wealth” online with Ms. Green on Blog Talk Radio.

     I want to take this time to appreciate Ms. Green because she is a rare jewel that God has given to this world.  My prayer is that God continues to bless her and her family in all that she does.  I wish you God Speed!

     If you  missed my interview with Gwendolyn Green, you can listen to the full broadcast by clicking on the link below.

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