The Young Scholar’s Workbook: Book I Vol. II To Be Released 12-20-2021

ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC will release The Young Scholar’s Workbook: Book I Vol. II by Brenda Diann Johnson on December 20, 2021. TYSW Book I Vol. II is a fundraiser workbook. 50% of the proceeds go to The Young Scholar’s Book Club to keep tutoring and mentoring services FREE to students. The Workbook covers Reading Comprehension and introduces interesting and unique stories for kids to read. The books required for the reading activities in The Young Scholar’s Workbook Book I Vol. II can be purchased or checked out at the library. The workbook reading activities are for Pre-K to 4th grade.

     Brenda Diann Johnson is the CEO and Founder of The Young Scholar’s Book Club. The book club was started with Pre-K to 4th grade in mind. Ms. Johnson’s vision is to help elementary students read more, increase in their vocabulary, learn how to analyze and critique what they have read and have fun in the process of learning. Ms. Johnson is also the mother of two beautiful daughters, Diamond and Kamille.

     For more information about Brenda Diann Johnson, her books, writing classes and services you can visit or e-mail her at:

TYSW Book I Vol. II Trailer


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