Video and Song Review: SUITCASE

Review by Brenda Johnson Padgitt

SUITCASE by Mary J Blige

2nd Annual BET Honors - ArrivalsMary J Blige has been successful at creating and singing songs about matters of the heart.  Her songs are deep and are thought provoking.  There is also a sense of empowerment and healing in the words she sings in her songs.  Suitcase is a powerful song dealing with the outcry of Mary J Blige portraying a female who is tired of being hurt and heartbroken by someone who is suppose to love her. 

The video scene shows two doctors who are looking at the mental health of a female who was admitted.  In the video the female confesses she might as well plead insanity if she continues to let the man in her life hurt her.  She is faced with staying in the dysfunctional relationship or deciding to pack her clothes and leave with her suitcase.  At the end of the video she decides to leave and tells her mental abuser that this is his good-by song.  She goes on to say while he is explaining his side she will be zipping up her suitcase.  Read More….


SUITCASE by Mary J Blige

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