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A Thief In The Night Series

A Thief In The Night pic2Do You Know Jesus Christ?  Have You Accepted Him As Your Lord and Savior?  Are You Rapture Ready!  “A Thief  In The Night” is a must see film.  A Thief in the Night is a 1972 Christian end times film produced by Russell S. Doughten.  It is the first and best known film in Doughten’s four-part series on the Rapture and Second Coming of Christ.  The 4 part series include:  “A Thief in the Night,” “A Distant Thunder,” “Image of the Beast,” and “The Prodigal Planet.”  I have gathered each video link so you can see the entire series.  I saw this 4 part series many years ago and it still has the same impact today.  It is an excellent witnessing tool.

1.     A Thief In The Night


 2.     A Distant Thunder 1of5


          A Distant Thunder 2of5


          A Distant Thunder 3of5


          A Distant Thunder 4of5


          A Distant Thunder 5of5


3.     Image of the Beast


4.     The Prodigal Planet



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