The Gettysburg Address

Workbook Activity page 166

The Young Scholar’s Workbook:

Book I Vol I  by

Brenda Padgitt

The Gettysburg Address

Materials needed for this lesson:  Book: The Gettysburg Address by Kenneth Richards.  You can obtain this book by purchasing it from your local bookstore or check it out at your local library.  You can also use the internet for this activity.

Directions: Read the book The Gettysburg Address by Kenneth Richards and answer the questions below. {TYS Social Studies 1st to 4th, 1  113.3(a)(4), 1 113.3(b)(1)(a), 1 113.3(b)(10)(11), 2 113.4(a)(4), 3 113.5(a)(4), 4 113.6(a)(4)}

1. Write a short definition of the  Gettysburg Address?

2. What was the major problem between the Northern and Southern States during the 1850’s?

3. In 1860, who was elected president of the United States?

4. Was this president democrat or republican?

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